(Played by Vulpec)

Age 15
Godly parent Apollo
Height 5'7
Weight 117 lbs


Apollo Tattoo



Alastar has a slim build and a pale complexion, coupled with black, shoulder length hair and eyes that are a faint, almost colourless, blue. He usually keeps his hair tied back with a short piece of string to keep it out of his face. His usual attire consists of the purple Camp Jupiter shirt with a black jacket, a pair of black trousers and a pair of combat boots, with his gladius and dagger sheathed on his left hip, and a harness on his back for his spear.


Alastar was born in Ireland, and spent his early childhood playing in the fields and woods of the countryside and learning to play the violin. His mother was a musician, which is how she attracted the attention of Apollo. His mother was constantly telling him that he was special, that he was going to be someone important one day, but he never believed that she was being serious; he thought it was just the kind of thing that mothers said. Then, he and his mother moved to America. She said it was because of her new job, and of course Alastar, only being eight at the time, never thought to question it. The real reason for the move, however, came clear a year later, when his mother took him to the Wolf House. When she took him to see Lupa.


Alastar is a quiet person, most often seen at the back of a crowd or off on his own. He hates to stay in one place for long, and always wants to be moving, but if you can pin him down in one place long enough to talk to him then you'll find he's a kind that person, and one of the best fiedns you'll ever have.


Alastar's chosen weapons are a spear, a gladius, and a dagger. All three are inscribed with symbols, symbols that seem to move and shift, as if they, like him, hate to stay still for long.