Allie Smith

Daughter of Ceres

Fourth Cohort

Roleplayed by: WaterMaster190

Allie Smith
Birth Date August 24th
Godly Parent Ceres
Home Town Somewhere in the American West
Pet none (currently)
Hair black
Eyes Grey-green
Height 5'8
Blood Pure-Blood
Mother Ceres
Father Jonathon Smith
Siblings none
Cohort/Groups Hunters, fourth
Goddess Ceres, Diana


Allie is a quiet girl. She doesn't really like to talk to people, but if they ask her a question, she will respond, unless they are boys. Allie hates boys and will not talk to them at all.


Allie was born Allisa 1889 to Ceres and a mortal, Jonathon. However, Ceres disapeered after she was, and her father took another wife. Jonathon hated Allie as she grew older beacause she liked to be outdoors instead of staying inside like a typical girl, and she looked just like her mother. Thus, he gave her the crusts of bread and scraps. He also would hit her for no reason at all. When Allie told her mother, she just told Allie, "Father is the head of the family. We do what he wants and we don't ask questions", or "Children should be seen and not heard".

As Allie got older, it got worse. He would sell her things for money, because "we needed it". When Allie complained, she would be sent to bed without dinner and would be hit. The boys at school would tease her because the things she wore were thread bare and covered with patches. The girls, however, were very friendly to her. Allie grew to hate boys, as no boy had ever been nice to her.

Soon after her 13th birthday, a new girl came to school. She said her name was Diana. She became friends with Allie. They would spend hours in the woods. About three months after Allie met Diana, she explained to Allie about the roman gods. Allie didn't believe her. Every day, Diana would tell Allie about the roman gods. Eventually, Allie told her to bring proof. She did, and Allie believed. She them joined the followers of Diana and has been one since. Over the years, she has worked her way up the ranks and is know the Lt. Follower, second only to Diana herself.


Hometown Someplace in the American West
Type of Childhood Horrible
Earliest Memory Shadows

General InfoEdit

Pets none (currently)
Likes Nature, Being with her fellow hunters
Dislikes Boys, Cities

Swimming, Climbing trees

Comfort Food(s) Blackberries
Immediate Goals Make friends, Meet some nice people
Long Term Goals None at the moment






Friends Edit

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