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We are proud to welcome you to the legion, here you will become a true soldier of Rome. At Camp Jupiter, you will live and train with other young demigods. As you discover the special gifts you inherited from your godly parent, you will  also hone your unique skills in addition to learning how to work with others as a cohort or unit. Though we exist in an orderly setting, many threats lurk outside of Camp Jupiter's borders. Whether you are the child of a major god or  a legacy, you will play an important part in defending the camp's honor and security.

To get started, please look at our camp brochure, which has all the basic information you need to get started at camp. Please ask the staff team if you have any questions, concerns, or proposals.

Have an amazing fall at Camp Jupiter!


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It is currently Winter.

Local time at Camp Jupiter in San Francisco, California is

Tuesday, 2 August 4:02 am (UTC -8)



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