This contest is now closed. No further entries will be accepted

You guys have been asking for this contest and now, we present to you "The Next God/Goddess" contest. Create an interesting and realistic set of powers for your choice of Roman god/goddess. We will be adding a total number of three new gods/goddess and the winners will receive special prizes. Best of luck to all of the contestants. 


1) Each user will be able to enter three entries and entries will not be accepted after October 28, 2013.

2) Please make sure that this god/goddess is the Roman form, not the Greek form.

3) Try to choose a unique god/goddess. We can't have too many gods of water, love, war, ect.

4) You must be at least a Cordus User to be able to qualify for this contest.

5) You must make sure that this god/goddess has the ability to have children. Virgin gods/goddesses will not be accepted.


First Place: Will gain two extra camper slots and one RJ character slot.
Second Place: Will gain one extra camper slot and one RJ character slot.
Third Place: Will gain only just one RJ character slot.

User God/Goddess God/Goddess Of
  • Goddess of  dawn.
  • Goddess of the forest and the woodlands.  
  • Goddess of fraud, deceit, trickery, deception and guile.
  • Vertumnus
  • Fides
  • Terminus
  • God of seasons, change, and plant growth.
  • Goddess of Trust and fairness.
  • God of Borders
PJO girl
  • Goddess of Peace, Harmony and Concord.
  • God of dreams.  
  • God of fear.
  • Discordia
  • Goddess of chaos, stride, and discord
  • Goddess of night.
Izzy Flora Goddess of Flowers and Spring
Hydro Zelus God of Pride, Envy, Rivalry and Zeal
  • Primordial god and embodiment of time
  • God of the north/north pole, celestial axis, farsight and intellect
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