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Desiree Marie Martin

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Child of Arcus, Centurion of the First Cohort

Vital Statistics

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Born May 18th
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Demigod
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Status Alive
Education Camp Jupiter


Desiree's father, Nick Martin met the charming Arcus on a tour around Rome. Although he didn't know that this enticing women was the goddess of rainbows. He took's his most cheeky pick-up lines and waltzed over to her. Let's just say Arcus was impressed and charmed by the mortal. 

She lied that her name was Nina and with one giggle, her colorful personality shined. She laughed when his attempts at magic failed. When he asked "Nina" to join him on the dance floor, they danced to the song 'Desire' by Gene Loves Jezebel. After that, they had a nice drink and neither of them remembered what had happened the next day.

Shortly after Desiree's birth, Arcus came back to the mortal world and thrusted the babe onto Nick's care. He named her Desiree after the first song they danced to. Now a days, he doesn't believe in a thing called love.

It was Joe, respected centurion of the first cohort, who brought Desiree to camp and the rest is to be written as we move on. 

+ Kind, Bubbly, Loyal
- too trusting, cynical romantic

Desiree Martin is a very kind and considerate girl. She's full of fun and humor and is overall a very bubbly person. She's especially loyal and intensely passionate on matters that are important to her. She finds that making friends is a very easy thing to do. One of the bad traits about her is that she sometimes rambles and is quite forgetful, something she is hoping to change. 


An expert archer, she has a set of bow and quivers, which is called, "Divinum Arcu". Carved onto the bow, you can make out the words, "Numquam deficiet, cum telum sit." which means, "To never miss, be one with the bow." She occasionally uses throwing knives or dagger. She prefers to use Divinum Arcu over a sword, because she doesn't like to watch people die up close and a bow and arrow and give her higher grounds.



  • Desiree Martin's faceclaim is Indiana Evans, most known for her role of the mermaid, Bella Hartly.
  • Her favorite sweeties are gummy bears, especially the multi-colored ones.
  • She's the only camper who curses in Latin, seeing as she is fluent in that language.
  • She's never skipped class before and actually does well, unlike the other children of Arcus, who ditch class to go shopping and what not. 

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