Hunters of Diana

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She is the virgin goddess of the hunt, the moon, chasity, animals and the wilderness. She and her twin brother, Apollo are known as the "Twin Archers". Diana's handmaindens are known as the Hunters of Diana, a group of young women who have turned their backs from the company of men and pledged themselves to their goodness. 

Her Legacies-Edit

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  1. Laura Blackwood
  2. Andromeda "Andy" Jensen
  3. Allie Smith


"I pledge myself to the Goddess Diana,
turn my back on the company of men,
accept eternal maidenhood,
and join the hunt."

1) Hunters of Diana make great combatants and archers.
2) Hunters of Diana are able to withstand greater temperature changes (extreme heat or cold) more than most, but the hotter or colder it is, the more draining it is on their body and the more it effects their ability to react.
3) Hunters of Diana do not age physically and do not die of old age or disease, but can be killed in a fight or battle from severe wounds.
4) Hunters of Diana have an empathy/telepathic connection with wolves and falcons.
5) Hunters of Diana will lose their immortality if they fall in love.
6) Hunters of Diana make great hunters, attaining great tracking skills.
7) Hunters of Diana can see excellent during the night, nearly as well as they can see during the day.
1) Hunters of Diana possess great strength, agility and dexterity.
2) Hunters of Diana carry magic silver bows, arrows, and two hunting knives, which appear whenever they are needed.
1) Hunters of Diana remain the age that they became a Huntress. If they fall in love and/or leave the hunt for any reason, they start aging again from that point on.
2) Hunters of Diana enjoy hunting, as well as being by Diana's side.
3) Hunters of Diana have a silvery aura.

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