Novella Falco
Centurion of the Second Cohort
Daughter of Venus
(This Character Belongs to Moonlit Castle)

Novella Falco
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Blue
Height Average
Weight Average
Gender Female
Birthday {{{row 6 info}}}
Age 15
Species Demigod
Nationality Italian
Accent Italian
Home Rome
Family Venus (Mother)
Handedness Right
Weapon Enchanted Bow
Cohort Second Cohort


Novella Falco was born in Rome, Italy. She had an good childhood filled with luxury and wealth. Many of her friends were jealous of her except for her best friends, Lucia and Romario. Novella was sometimes bullied because of how good a life she had and she wished she could be like everyone else and live a normal life but she could never escape the nightmares she had of being physically abused by others. New bruises appeared on her every week and her father was starting to get worried. Then a faun called Luca found her and took her to Camp Jupiter so she could improve herself.


Novella has dark brown hair but bright blue eyes. Her skin is slightly tanned and she has reddish lips.


Novella is very kind towards other people and loves to help them and give advice. When seeing a friend in trouble or being in trouble herself, she can become very aggressive.

Talk BubbleEdit


Novella Falco Centurion of Second Cohort
-Daughter of Venus

Hello. My name is Novella Falco. This is my talk bubble, if you didn't already know that."