1313972957415418148howling-wolf-silhouette-psd38709-md ~ Policy Guide ~ 1313972957415418148howling-wolf-silhouette-psd38709-md-1
All policies are to be read by future soldiers of Camp Jupiter. To ensure a safe and pleasureable environment, we ask every camper to follow the policies. 
Enjoy Your Adventures at Camp Jupiter

In our endeavor to make our wikia a secure and safe place to roleplay, we ask all members to act in an appropriate and mature manner. Warnings and bans will be given if needed and these exemptions will not have prior notice or such.

General Rules-

  • 1) Dirty Blogs: Please keep your blogs dirty free. Civility is expected to be maintained throughout the blog and the comments. Any rude language or vulgarities will not be accepted.
  • 2) Pointless Blogs: Blogs that just say "hi" or "I'm new here" are unneeded, and not allowed. Please refrain from making these. Also, please do not make a blog just to ask a question, or make a comment.
  • 3) Off Topic Blogs: Please refrain from going off topic. Blogs are used to keep the site updated. Either talk about the wikia, the Percy Jackson series or generally Camp Jupiter, if not, then please don't use the blogs. 
  • 4) Fanfiction Blogs: While roleplaying is a general form of "fanfiction", we ask that all users keep from creating fanfiction blogs. There might be fanfiction writing contests, but please keep from writing those blogs.
  • 5) Mass Categorizing: This will not be needed, because it will make our system messy. Automatically, the category, "Blog Posts" will be automatically added. 
  • 6) Grammar/Spelling: Please make sure that you make sure your blog is legible and grammatically correct. We want to look as professional as possible and these little things will help.
  • 7) Text Speak: This form of "text" will not be allowed on user blogs. Once again, this is refrained, because we want to look as professional as possibe.