Siege is a game that Roman demigods and legacies in Camp Jupiter play with a wide amount of swords, armor and other weapons. Normally, this activity is played on the Field of Mars. There are two teams, each composed of one cohort; one team defending a fort, the other attacking it. Somewhere inside the fort is the defending teams standard, and it is this that the attacking team is trying to capture.


  1. All magical items are allowed. Said items must be acquired IC and added to the character page before the start of the game. Admins will be checking CPs to ensure no one is attempting to bypass this rule. Please also provide a link in your profile to the RP in which the item(s) was(were) acquired.

  2. There is no killing. only scarung people and knocking them out

  3. Absolutely no Godmoding. This is not something that should have to be mentioned, but I want to make it absolutely clear that it will not be tolerated, and any that is caught Godmoding will be disqualified and all points they would have contributed to their team will be discounted.

  4. Admins may, of course, take part in the games, but they will have no part in tallying the scores for that bracket, so as to keep every match unbiased and fair.

  5. Participation is optional, but the more participants we have the more fun it will be.
  6. must be at ballista leve or higher


Each member of the winning team will receive an additional character slot, which can be used for a camper or RJ. An Admin must be informed of which of the two you wish to make. The highest scoring member of the winning team will be able to create a unique power for the character that acquired the points. This power must be submitted to an Admin for approval before being added to the character page.


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