{{Cor Arbor Arena}}

  • This arena is densely packed with trees and plants with tall cliffs and boulders surrounding the border.
  • This arena has a large lake in the exact middle of the arena.
  • This arena has little sky light due to the compaction of the trees and plants, however there are many shady places and shadows to hide in.
  • This arena has many wildlife creatures that roam around. However, they're harmless creatures and don't attack demigods, unless you provoke it.

{{Cineres Terra Arena}}

  • At this arena, fire and lava is always constantly flowing under the ground.
  • At this arena, the ground can break under your feet if the rock gets too hot.
  • At this arena, there will be sudden shakes that mark another eruption from a nearby volcano.
  • At this arena, you must find a way to hold your breath, since the ash in the atmosphere is not good for a demigod's health.

{{Praetextae Arena}}

  • This arena has a large pool of water surrounding it. The best way to defeat your opponent is by pushing him/her into the water.
  • This arena is bordered, so no one can come in and no one can come out.
  • This arena has no place to hide, seeing as there are no large objects to hide behind.
  • This arena has an open top, meaning sun light streams in and "sudden" winds could change things.

{{Speluncam Arena}}

  • In this arena, there are tall peaks of rock and cliffs of boulders. The floor is most likely a dry, sandy ground.
  • In this arena, there are ruins of broken up buildings that date back to the times of ancient Rome.
  • In this arena, the only sunlight is from the large gaping hole in the side of the cave.
  • In this arena, the bats and birds tend to attack if you make too much noise.

{{Senex Arena}}

  • In this arena, there is boiling hot lava on the sides of the arena.
  • In this arena, the best way to defeat your opponent is by pushing them into the searing how lava.
  • In this arena, pieces of the rock boardwalk tend to break under the temperature of the lava.

{{Labyrinthus de Viride Arena}}

  • In this arena, before you meet your opponent in battle, you must pass a maze of bushes.
  • In this arena, you should be careful of touching the bushes, because they can prick your fingers or poison you.
  • In this arena, the battle takes place on a marble floor, which half of it is connected to the rock ground.

{{Metalli Arena}}

  • In this arena, it is completely made of metal. The walls are made of silver and aluminum, giving its silvery texture.
  • In this arena, there are machine weapons and shields hidden in random places behind the walls.
  • In this arena, you are sealed in a cubed box. There is no way in and no way out. Demigods afraid of close spaces will definitely lose.
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