The Armory

Even from outside, you can hear a loud clank going. Here, you can request personalized armor, weapons and shields and take them for repair. A huge shed, you can often find various tools lying around, schematics, maps of the camp and ripped pages from a manual.



Alexandra Fourth Cohort
-"Insanity runs in my family."

 – 07:10, January 9, 2015 (UTC)

From within the armory came the sounds of metal on metal, the doorway wavering in a haze of heat. Anyone peering inside would see half of the building blocked off by a floor-to-ceiling screen, with gouts of steam and a loud hissing emerging at regular intervals, at which point the hammering would stop, but only for a few moments. Even before they stepped through the door the heat would have them sweating, and if they checked they would find that every forge in the building appeared to be burning as fiercely as was possible. Despite this, the hidden smith worked on, her focus directed at the growing Imperial Gold creation she had spent months designing, and was finally bringing to life.
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